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W-1 Men's Wallet

How it Works

Paying the bills just got a little more stylish with our super-slim front pocket men’s wallet. Precisely crafted, the wallet features front pockets on either side that let you slide cards in and out with ease while remaining tight enough to keep everything in its place.

Perfect for everyday use, it carries all of your cards and still fits into your front (or back) pocket. Flip it open to reveal two sets of additional tension bands to hold cash, business cards or other items you want tucked away.

Two of our trademark medallion nests sit on either side of the wallet allowing for permanent personalization and to deter theft.

Size: 4 1/8" x 2 7/8"

Custom Medallions
Custom medallions available! Contact us for details.

Stock Medallions

Our in-stock prefabricated medallion program offers a variety of messages and designs

Stock Medallions - Zodiac

What's YOUR sign?

Stock Medallions - Years of Service

Celebrate a time honored achievement with a Years of Service Medallion. Any number of years can be created upon request.

Initials/Numbers Medallions

676 possible two letter combinations in the English language, and we carry them all. We also offer lucky numbers for team sports.

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